My name is Dries Verbeke and I operate under the name Driever as an artist and designer with found objects, based in Groningen, the Netherlands. I find my resources everywhere and nowhere: I dismantle machinery and empty containers, go to the trashyard and pick up stuff along the way. By means of welding, soldering, glueing, lasercutting and screwing I connect all the objects into an artpiece which is interactive and/or functional. I am currently updating my knowledge with welding, electronics, 3D-printing and arduino. This way my work keeps evolving and I keep surprising my audience.

Custom Made

Next to sculptures and installations I also offer custom made work.
Here you can think of anything ranging from interior design pieces like lamps to lasercut products, gadgets and more.

My expositions

September: ORKZ
November: design for Non Fiction Photo
December: Kult and Liatelier , Y2

Februari, March: Pop Up Store Paddepoel
May: design for Non Fiction Photo
November: design for Non Fiction Photo

Sold work to: ORKZ, Kult, Simplon, VERA, Paradigm Festival, NFP, locals